Kitchen Cabinets: What’s your Sign of Quality?

There are many ways to incorporate what is important to you in your cabinetry, but quality is what makes a kitchen the highlight of your home.

Three important factors contributing to quality

Interiors: Melamine or Plywood?

This topic receives a lot of focus, but it is likely the least important aspect of a new kitchen. Consumers believe plywood is the best, but is it really?

We make cabinets from both melamine and plywood, and it’s our experience that there are some major advantages to melamine finishes.

Melamine has a lifetime finish; it is very easy to clean and never needs refinishing.

It has the same finish as Formica countertops, or laminate floors, indicating the quality and durability of its finish.

Keep in mind that although we offer both choices, you really have to weigh in on the extra cost of plywood versus the value of melamine.


This is by far the most important part of any project.

Maybe you already know exactly what you want, and how you plan to do it, and that’s fine. It’s at this point that it is important to have a professional look over your ideas.

Once we have the layout of the space, it is time to draw up the project using software that will truly show every detail to scale. Good software will allow you to see a “picture” of your project before it hits production on the shop floor. This will leave no room for error, and will allow us to produce site plans that will give the plumber, electrician, and your contractor the necessary details and dimensions to streamline your project.

This design work will likely smooth out your project and allow you to avoid any unforeseen problems.

Construction Methods: “Think Inside the Box”

There are many types of constructions methods when it comes to manufacturing cabinets. This is the least understood facet of our industry.

Most people are first impressed with the look of a flashy showroom. It’s easy to get caught up in the newest trends and colours. Although it’s important to get the kitchen of your dreams with the most functional hardware the option to touch and feel are very important factors in decision making.

The difference in a kitchen that will “last” and one that just “looks good” is in the way it’s made.

In my opinion, the best method of manufacturing is a complete glue joint at every seam. To achieve this, we use a “Blind Dado and Tenon” construction method that locks cabinet components together. This is an age old furniture method of construction.



Our motto is… “The cabinets should last as long as it takes to replace the tree”. When you tour the Tama Millwork shop, we will demonstrate how, through technology, we “Think Inside the Box”.

With these top priorities, you will now have a fresh perspective to what is important when you get ready for your project. With some professional help, and a little planning, turning your new kitchen project into a dream kitchen will be a breeze.

*This Kitchen Talk was originally published though Sentinal Courrier in 2013.